Governance, Peace, and Security Program (GPSP)

program1Our Governance, Peace, and Security Program builds on existing local and traditional mechanisms, offers cross-cutting solutions, and innovative projects to address these three paradigms as interconnected and mutually reinforcing components in preventing violent conflict. GPSP addresses prevention at three levels:

1. Mass atrocity prevention

2. Armed conflict prevention

3. Conflict prevention

Through years of practical experience, our team has repeatedly observed the inefficiencies in approaching governance, peace, and security issues independently from one another, particularly for the purposes of prevention. Although specialization is efficient and effective, GAPS promotes creating space to bring experts in relevant fields together with stakeholders to collaboratively tackle issues and develop preventative tools that can be implemented across sectors. Some of the questions under GPSP that we seek to answer through our current work include:

  • What are the existing governance structures that are effective including traditional mechanisms?
  • What does early warning and effective response for the prevention of mass atrocities look like in Uganda?
  • How can we strengthen governance using dialogue?
  • How can we develop a generation of peacebuilders?
  • How can military, police, and other security forces contribute to peacebuilding?
  • What are the linkages between good governance, peacebuilding, and personal security?
  • How can we increase our personal security through prevention?
  • Do non-government institutions and organizations exercise discrimination?

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