Prevention in Practice – Great Lakes Region

prevention in practicePrevention in Practice is an ongoing initiative and resource for interested agents of change around the world. Cultivating a culture of prevention requires us to move beyond discussions at the policy level to engage stakeholders at the grassroots and civil society levels as this is where the true application of non-legal prevention manifests itself. We recognize the importance of the State, particularly the Judiciary in institutionalizing prevention. But what does prevention in practice look like as it trickles down to communities? What are communities already doing under the auspices of prevention at the local level domestically and across borders? Communities are resilient and naturally build context specific methods to prevent and respond to situations of concern as some must reconstruct their own lives and their post conflict societies. Why not learn from those with firsthand experience? We want to hear from agents of change in the Great Lakes Region who are already mainstreaming prevention. This is a platform to discuss, share, and exchange lessons learned and successful preventative approaches.

Let us engage and educate ourselves and each other to minimize duplication, coordinate existing efforts, and address vital gaps.

Case Studies

Conflict Resolution Under the Ekika System Of The Buganda by Ashad Sentongo and Andrea Bartoli Uganda

Political Leadership and Conflict Resolution: An African Example Rwanda

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